Friday, 16 November 2012

Photos: Interior

Interior view from the table in le Cabanon

View from le Corbusier's bed

View from Corbusier's corner sitting area

Scene as one turns the corner from the narrow entry hallway to the living space
Posted by: Meghan Robidoux 

The mirrors that le Corbusier incorporated into his window  shutters
give the illusion that the windows are much larger that they
actually are and they let Corbusier see the views of outside wherever
he was in the house.

Posted by: Nadia Shahed

Photos: Exterior

Exterior photographs of Petit Cabanon

Exterior photo of Le Corbusier's studio

Posted by: Meghan Robidoux

Sketches: Interior Perspectives

Posted by: Jason McMillan

Sketches: Exterior Elevations

Posted by: Jason McMillan


Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France

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