Friday, 7 December 2012

Ocean Liners as Inspiration for Unite D'Habitation

Unité D’Habitation is a social housing block designed by Le Corbusier in 1952. After the World War II, France had a serious shortage in housing; Unité d’Habitation was built in response to the shortage. The complex was a first of its kind: a tower block for 1600 people. The Unité was a twelve storey building with shops, supermarkets, restaurants, nurseries, a cinema, barbers and a roof terrace built in it. Corbusier was chiefly influenced by an ocean liner in his design for the Unité as well as in his suceeding works. “The Steamship is the first stage in the realization of a world organized according to the new spirit”-Le Corbusier. 

Le Corbusier translated his fascination for ocean liners into his design. Lutétia, the Patris II, and the Normandie were some of the ocean liners that Le Corbusier frequently travelled in. Normandie had profound impact on Corbusier and his designs. His influence from ocean liners can also be seen reflected in Petit Cabanon.

Interiors of Normandie:

Sketch by Le Corbusier demonstrating ocean liner as source of inspiration. 

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