Friday, 7 December 2012

The Modulor System

  • Developed in 1951 and first applied in Unite D'Habitation 
  • A working tool for those who create, not for those who execute 
  • Unites the two systems of measurement, metric and imperial
  • "The 'Modulor' is a working tool, a scale to be used in composition... for the mass production of manufactured articles, and also for the creation, through unity, of great symphonic works of architecture"  -Le Corbusier
  • Original numerations:
Red Series: (based on figures navel height)
164.9mm, 266.8mm, 431.7mm, etc. 

Blue Series: (based on figures entire height) 
203.8mm, 329.8mm, 533.6mm, etc. 

Internal role: to bring harmony to the work

External role: to unite, harmonize, mutually adapt the work of men which is now in a state of disunity

Posted by: Meghan Robidoux

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