Saturday, 8 December 2012

Mini Timeline

 1927- Eileen Gray’s house E-1027 is constructed and Le Corbusier becomes a frequent visitor, as he often met with Jean Badovici, the publisher ofl’Architecture Vivante
1945- World War II ends and the reconstruction of Europe begins.
1946- Construction of the Unite d'Habitation Marseilles begins. 

1949 - Le Corbusier is asked by Thomas Rebutato, who was a plumber that Le Corbusier had worked with previously, to design mini holiday homes to be constructed beside Rebutato’s cafe, ‘Etoile de mer’.

1951 - Due to Rebutato’s persisting financial difficulties, the holiday homes are never constructed and Le Corbusier convinces to let him construct le Cabanon next to the cafe instead.

1952- Le Cabanon is completed. The simple construction of the cabin allows it to be finished from conception to construction in only six months.

1955- For the first time, Corbusier meets with members of Science et vie at le Cabanon, which he uses to re-brand himself to the public.

Posted by: Jason McMillan 

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