Sunday, 9 December 2012

Photo Timeline

The photo timeline below demonstrates a progression in Le Corbusier's work from a clean, rectilinear ascetic to a more rustic, organic feel over the course of his career. The plans included also reflect these changes. 

Citrohan House 1920-1927, Struttgart Germany

Villa Bensnus 1923, Vaucresson near Paris, France

Villa Stein/de Monzie 1927, Vaucresson near Paris France 

Villa Savoye 1929-1931, Poissy near Paris France

Petit Cabanon constructed, 1952

Chapel of Notre-Dame-du-Haut 1950-1954, Ronchamp France

Millowners' Association Building, 1951-1954, Ahmedabad India 

Villa Shodan, 1951-1956, Ahmedabad India 

Parliament Building, 1952-1963, Chandigarh India 

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