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Unité D'Habitation Marseille

The first of the Unite D'Habitations, in Marseille, France, was constructed during the same period as Petit Cabanon, 1947-1952. 

 Unite D'Habitation Plan

Unite D'Habitation Marseille

Roof top view from Unite D'Habitation Marseille

The bedrooms are ideally long and narrow, separated by a slight wooden wall that extends outwards revealing a black board that can be used for the purpose of writing. Le Corbusier created a creative separation, maximizing the use of the space rather then the size of the space itself.

 "The only possible atmosphere in which to carry on creative work is one in which these qualities prevail: regularity, modesty, continuity, perseverance." - Le Corbusier, 1965

In actuality Unité d'Habitation possesses all those qualities. Also the arrangement of the furniture, especially the use of wood furniture and design is quite similar to that of Le Cabanon. It follows the idea of being surrounding by necessity and utilizing space in a way to emphasizes its function rather then its size.


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