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Petit Cabanon is located in Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France. Le Corbusier was first introduced to this Mediterranean location whilst visiting Eileen Gray’s home, E-1027, which exists along the same stretch of coastline. It was through these visits that he became friends with Thomas Rebutato, owner of the restaurant Etoile de Mer. Le Corbusier later received permission from Rebutato to build his cabanon on this property, beside the restaurant.

Le Corbusier with Rebutato

The design of the exterior allows the cabin to blend in with its surroundings. It becomes a kind of feature of the environment. Mirrored shutters allow views of surrounding landscape to be featured as a part of the interior. The outside becomes an extension of the inside in that the natural elements of the landscape become architectural features. One can sun on the rocks, nap in the shade, and swim in the ocean. Nature can either be integrated into architecture or, as is true in this case, the natural environment can just be taken for what it is. In this way, a man-nature relationship is renewed.

Exterior of Petit Cabanon

Sketches of the site:

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