Saturday, 8 December 2012


Le Cabanon's exterior walls are constructed of rough pine timbers hewn in half. Inside, the walls are covered with plywood panels which are smooth in contrast to the rough exterior. The small windows are framed in pine and are single pane glass which can be covered with interior shutters. The roof is corrugated metal and the entire structure is elevated a few inches above grade on concrete blocks.

Le Cabanon is in fact a prefabricated structure. Corbusier's favourite Corsican carpenter Charles Barberis fabricated all the parts of the house in Ajaccio and shipped them to Roquebrune where Corbusier assembled them into his Cabanon.

The studio that Corbusier erected next to le Cabanon was a simple prefabricated builders shed.

Drawn and posted by: Jason McMillan
Edited by: Nadia Shahed

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