Monday, 10 December 2012

Project Comparison: Windows and Views

By drawing out a series of diagrams depicting the placement of the windows in these various designs by Le Corbusier, we began to explore the evolution of the windows in Le Corbusier’s work. In addition we also looked at the SS Normandie and Graf Zepplin, ocean liner and  aircraft, frequently travelled in by Corbusier. Both had profound effect on some of Le Corbusier’s later works, particularly on Petit Cabanon.  

Window types and views in Le Corbusier's works

While studying documentation of these windows, we noticed that a place to sit close to the window commonly exists. This can be seen in Petit Cabanon as well. 

Petit Cabanon


 Unite D'Habitation
La Tourette

Petit Maison

Petit Maison

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